Feld Entertainment presents
Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey's DRAGONS!

Shanda Sawyer, Director
Kevin Wilson, Choreographer

Joe Stewart, Production Designer
Gregory A. Poplyk, Costume Designer
Alex Reardon, Lighting Designer

Dragons is set in a fantasy world where the amazing DragonTribes from the four corners of the earth have come together for a tournament of champions- each representing their own mythic dragon…but wait! Could there be a REAL dragon loose somewhere in the arena?
Costume rendering for the Ringmaster Jonathon Lee Iverson finale costume.
Costume rendering for Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson's Spec costume.
The Northern Tribes Cossacks. Costume made at John Kristiansen New York inc.
Costume rendering for the North's Valkyrie Queen.
The Southern Tribe Queen and Dancers. Costumes made at Eric Winterling Inc.
Costume rendering for the Southern tribes dancers.
Southern tribes Troupe Scala women's costume design.
The Shaolin Monks costumes were made by John Kristiansen New York Inc.
Menage Dancer costume being created at Eric Winterling Inc. of New York.
Ringmaster Johnathon Lee Iverson's costumes were made
at Eric Winterling Inc. of New York. The top hats were 
created by  Lynne Mackey Studio.
Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson  & his sidekick Paolo in the opening of Dragons!
The North's Assadulin Troup.
Southern tribes Troupe Scala's mens costume design.
Southern tribe cat tamer, Mr Alex Lacey. Costume was made at Eric Winterling Inc.
Eastern tribe- The Shaolin Monks.
Menage Dancer costume rendering.
Western tribe's Motorcycle High Wire  male costume design
Costumes made by Hardrive, Orlando Florida