5the Avenue Theatre          Seattle                 2013                Meredith Wilson's 
The Music Man

Bill Berry, Director
Bob Richard, Choreographer

Martin Christoffel, Set Designer
Gregory A. Poplyk, Costume Designer
Tom Sturge, Lighting Designer
Ken Travis, Sound Designer

"Gregory A. Poplyk's costumes are wonderful, especially the glorious hats and the colorful swishy skirts on the ladies...
It wouldn't be out of place to suggest that Griffith's Marion may, in fact, outshine the titular character. Also, she looks stunning in every costume...Joshua Feinsilber as Winthrop...is adorable. He is so cute, you can't stand it. The cowlick is ingenious"  Seattle Examiner

"Racey brings buoyant flair to a part that fits him like the sharply tailored suits (designed by Gregory A. Poplyk) that Harold sports." Seattle Times

Simply put, if you want to see an American musical classic, brought to life with the love, care and artistic excellence it deserves, then see Meredith Willson’s The Music Man at the 5th Avenue Theatre...Gregory A. Poplyk’s gorgeous, yet tempered costume design acts as both canvass and character, accentuating each song and dance without distraction."

Costume sketch for Laura Kenney as Eulalie Shin .
Noah Racey and Laura Kenny as Harold Hill &  Eulalie Shinn. Mr. Racey's suit was built by 
John Kristiansen New York, Inc.
The kiss at the footbridge. Noah Racey and Laura Griffith as Harold & Marian.
Costume sketch for Laura Keeney in the5th Avenue Theatre  production of The Music Man.
Ms. Laura Kenney as Eulalie Shin performs her
 Wan Tan Te Indian dance.
Costume Costume sketch for the exercise outfits for the Ladies Auxiliary Dance Committee. Costumes made by the 5th Avenue Theatre costume shop. 

Ms. Laura Griffith and Mr. Noah Racey as Marian and Harold in 5th Avenue Theatre's production
 of THE MUSIC MAN directed by Bill Berry.
Suit for Noah Racey as Harold Hill. Costume executed by John Kristiansen New York, Inc.
Noah Racey and the traveling salesmen.
The citizens of River City Iowa in the opening of The Music Man.
The ladies ensemble dressed for The Shipoopi!