Paper Mill Playhouse           Millburn, NJ                1989

Kern & Hammerstein's
Show Boat

Robert Johanson, Director
Sharon Halley, Choreographer

Michael Annania, Set Designer
Gregory A. Poplyk & Bradford Wood, Costume Designer
Ken Billington, Lighting Designer

Shelley Burch as Julie, Rebecca Baxter as Magnolia and Ellia English as Queenie perform 
Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine.
Rebecca Baxter as Magnolia Ravenal performing After the Ball at the Trocadero.
Shelly Burch as Julie in the opening of Paper Mill Playhouse production of Show Boat.
Lee Roy Reams & Lenora Nemetz as Frank & Ellie.
Richard White as Gaylord Ravenal.
Costume design for Shelly Burch as Julie for her opening costume in Show Boat.
Costume design sketch for Lenora Nemetz as Ellie in the opening of Show Boat.
Shelly Burch as Julie performing Bill at the Trocadero.