Feld Entertainment presents
Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey's
Built to Amaze!

Rye Mullis, Director
Kevin Wilson, Choreographer

James Youmans, Production Designer
Gregory A. Poplyk, Costume Designer

From the blueprints to the band, the crates to the clowns, the hammer to the high wire, witness the spectacle as we measure out the perfect mix of marvel and majesty in an imagination equation where the impossible comes to life. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Built To Amaze!

Costume sketch for Ringmaster Andre McClain fo the opening of Built to Amaze!
Detail view  for the ringmaster's opening top hat . Hat made by Lynne Mackey Studio.
Costume sketch for the opening dancers. 
Costume sketch for the elephant riders in the opening parade.
Built to Amaze!  Elephant rider.
Costume sketch for stiltwalkers in the opening parade of Built to Amaze!
Costume sketch for 
Tabayara "Taba" Maluenda.
Costume sketch for Hector of Duo Solys 
Costume sketch showing the  side view for Hector of Duo Solys
    Costume sketch for Tatiana of Duo Solys 
Costume sketch for cheerleaders in Spec. Built by John Kristiansen New York, Inc.
Ringmaster Andre McClain. Costume built by Eric Winterling, Inc.
Design for the ringmaster's opening boot made by T. O. Dey.
Built to Amaze!  Opening dancer costumes executed by Tricorn LLC.
Costume sketch for the elephant rider with coordinating backpack.
Coneman stiltwalker costume made by 
Hardrive Productions Inc.
Costume sketch for the male dancers in Built to Amaze!
Taba in his act costume built by
 Eric Winterling, Inc.
Costume sketch for Ihosvanys of Duo Fusion
Costume sketch showing the  side view for Ihosvanys of Duo Fusion
Costume sketch for the Ringlettes for Spec in Buillt to Amaze!
Costume sketch for the dancers in Spec.